How Good Power bank is for your Smartphone’s Health?

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All Power Banks are not safe for your mobile. Regularly using a wrong power bank may lead to brick your mobile. It is well advised that you must use the wall charger provided by the manufacturer to charge your mobile. If you pay attention, Mobile companies never say anything about using power banks and They sell them. Because they want you to buy every new mobile have every month.

Everyone might have used power bank to charge his mobile once in a lifetime. It can charge my mobile on the go, and we need to charge the mobile battery on the go, This is the most important thing about power banks. I am using it; I have no other option. Most of the guys don’t think that power banks are safe to use or not?


What are the dangers involved in the power bank?

We are not talking about the disadvantage of power bank here – I have made up a different post for that, I am just talking about the effect of using a power bank on your mobile. Mobile is expensive these days( some may cost over 100K INR ), and you do want to keep them in good health.

How power bank is destroying your phones battery

Whenever we charge our phones we have experienced this inefficient battery cycle if we use any kind of power banks. This video will explain why power bank is ...

Some of the main dangers involved in power banks are:

 Power Bank reduces the mobile battery health:

Using a wrong power bank make lead to harm battery health of the mobile, mobile may become even a portion of the battery, what does that mean?

Suppose you had 1 cup of the battery when you bought the mobile, but after soem time you are left with an only half a cup of batter.


 Power Bank might damage your mobile battery

A wrong power bank can cause severe damage to the battery.  Your battery can die because of using a wrong power bank. It may stop charging or stop working at all. Mobiles needed a specific current and voltage to charge the mobile and keep the mobile and its battery in good health. With the power bank mobile may not use enough power due to the low power output of power bank or faulty cable or may get high power than needed due to the high output power of power bank. This change in the production of the power bank output may cause trouble for the battery.


Power Bank may brick your mobile device

Power bank with wrong output may brick your mobile; The mobile motherboard may get fried due to high voltage or current or extra heat.

Higher the current higher is the heat produced by conductors. You won’t be able to start a fried mobile, no matter what you do.


 Power Bank may damage the USB port — due to the wrong cable connector

A wrong power bank can easily damage the connector of the mobile; The charging may get roasted due to high voltage or due to the wrong connector. The extra long or too short connector may also damage your mobile.


Points to remember to keep yourself safe.

  • Always use the original brand charger comes with the box.
  • While using the power bank do check the outout of the power bank, and it must match exactly with the output of your wall charger.
  • Powe bank must sustain the output voltage; You can check the voltage of power bank at Fully charged, Half charged and at low charge. The output current and voltage must be the same. I prefer to stick with branded Power Bank because they have all these tests performed and the launched the product after testing it multiple times.

You have to match current ( Symbol is A ) and V voltage of the power bank outout to the output of the wall charger.

If you rely on a power bank to keep your devices charged while on the go, you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Check out our blog post on 5 tips for extending the lifespan of your power bank and learn how to increase its battery life. Click here to read the full post


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