3 Points to Select Best Power Bank for Laptop

Want power bank for laptop or MacBook? Then you should focus on the things which we have listed in this post.The main thing is laptops, MacBooks, and even tablets are highly powered gadgets. Battery capacity of these devices is very high as we compare to the smartphones. That’s why we need high battery capacity power banks for these devices. If you have any doubt about using a power bank for your laptop or smartphone regarding security. Then you can check Power Bank Review, which will give you a brief idea about all benefits and problems in using power bank.

3 Factors in Selecting Power Bank for Laptop

Before selecting any power bank for your laptop make sure it stands in these three areas.
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  • Battery Capacity Should be High

  • Compatible with your laptop

  • Output current

Normally, an average laptop has battery capacity around 5500 – 6000 mAh. So, you need at least more than 10000 mAh power bank to recharge it quickly almost two times.High battery capacity is the primary factor in selecting power bank for the laptop, but it’s not everything. You should also need to check its output current in Ampere. It should be 2.1A to charge your laptop quickly.Output current capacity of power banks specifies that how capable it is to charge your laptop quickly. The more it is better it will be.An average laptop has an input capacity of 1.5-1.7A. So, If your power bank has more than it than it will charge your laptop quickly. But if your laptop’s input capacity is higher than the power bank output current than your charging with power bank will be slower than standard charging.Third and the last point is that, is it compatible with your laptop? There are some power banks which are not compatible with every device because those are not genuine products. So, we recommend buying branded power bank instead of cheap power bank to overcome this issue.

Most of the time if your power bank output current satisfies your laptop input current than it is compatible with your laptop. Unless you bought local, cheap or untrusted brand product. If you don’t want to fall on this, then must check 7 Best power banks list created by us and choose best power bank for your laptop. 

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