Power Bank Review – Advantages & Disadvantages


Power bank the new gadget in the electronics industry. It is going popular very rapidly among users of smartphones in this world. No doubt it is one of the best inventions for this generation. Especially if we ask this to any mobile geek who is in touch with his smartphone every minute of his day. He will give his own Power Bank Review

Power banks or battery charger are such a heaven for these type of peoples. But “how good it is for your smartphone’s health?”

It’s the big question which comes to mind of every new customer who want to buy power bank. In this post, we will resolve all such issues and provide you a genuine power bank review with a list of advantages and disadvantage of using power banks.power bank power bang

Benefits of Using Power Banks

  • It’s very useful when you have a power cut at your home or no electricity area.
  • Faster charging because these are highly powered devices.
  • It can be recharged easily by attaching to any USB port.
  • Power banks are always giving freedom to use the smartphone without worrying about its battery.
  • No more trouble while chatting on battery down condition. You know, it’s worst state when you have to chat with someone special while charger plugged in the board.
  • Travel without worrying about charging point or phone’s battery.

Problems with Power Bank Usage

Every good product comes with some disadvantages, and this is the bitter truth of the life. Even your smartphone which is in your hand can cause cancer. So, there is no surprise same with these power banks. Here we have listed problems which occur with some peoples by using power bank.

  • Battery gets drained if you overcharge your phone when there is no need. It’s the habit of some people they charge their mobile regularly even if there is no requirement. If you do same with power bank, they can drain your phone’s battery and reduce its overall life.
  • If you bought any heavy or bulky power bank, then it’s a major problem for you to carry it everywhere. If it is bigger in size, it’s tough for you to use your phone while charging with it. So, we recommend selecting any charger from the list of best power banks for smartphones, tablets, etc.

This was a genuine power bank review with a list of advantages and disadvantage of using power banks.

These are some problems which you may face after buying power bank. But you can counter these CONS by purchasing genuine branded product in place of local or cheap power bank. So, be selective while choosing power bank for you and buy according to your need. You can take help from our guide on the homepage and choose from those shortlisted best power banks in India.


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