A power bank is an external battery with which you can recharge your mobile device whenever and wherever you want. This accessory becomes essential for travellers who spend long hours on a means of transport without being able to recharge their phone. With the security of an external battery for the mobile, you can enjoy your applications, social networks and games like Fornite without worrying about the battery’s lifetime. On our website, we will help you choose the best power bank for you that fits the needs you need.

Here is a preview of the types of power bank that you can find:

  • Power bank with the fast charge
  • Power bank with a wireless charging
  • Power bank with USB C
  • Xiaomi Power Banks
  • Power bank for iPhone
  • Power bank for Mac book
  • Power bank of 10000mAh
  • Power bank of 20000mAh

How does a Power Bank work?

A power bank is a lithium battery with an electronic circuit board (PCB) that controls its operation. When we connect the mobile to recharge through the USB port, the power bank identifies the connected device and supplies the necessary power that the Device can receive.The following picture shows the essential components of a power bank, as you can see its construction is simple:PCB: an integrated circuit that regulates the voltage and protects the lithium battery from overloads. It connects a USB and micro USB port to charge respectively devices and the lithium battery of the power bank itself.The lithium-ion battery of a specific capacity (mAh) and voltage (~ 3.7V).

power bank

How to Charge a Power Bank?

The battery of the power bank is recharged through the micro USB input port by connecting it to a power source either computer, the electric current through a USB charger and even to another power bank. However, we always recommend using a charger for faster charging. Why? ( because It will charge faster) Read our explanation in this article: Do I need a quick charger?  

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Power Bank

 Is the power bank necessary? Next, we indicate the advantages and disadvantages of the need to have an external battery as an accessory for the mobile.

Advantages of Power Banks

The mobile has become the center of our lives, we communicate through WhatsApp, we manage our trips (ticket purchases, reservations ), we send emails, we buy online, we have fun on YouTube, social networks and we have already paid through he. For this reason, we believe that our mobile always has to be available at any time of the day without worrying about the lack of battery. The external batteries are our great ally; it allows us to stay always connected and guarantees that we will have extra energy to reach the end of the day. These are the most important advantages:

  • Portable Its main feature is that it is a portable battery that you can carry in your backpack, purse, coat, and even in your pants pocket since it takes up little space.
  • Practical Have you never run out of battery at an inopportune moment? It is a convenient accessory for the problems that can save us when we do not have access to any plug.
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Versatile

An uncomplicated accessory, connect the USB cable to your mobile, and you are done.The external batteries that we recommend always have a small and compact size so that it is not a “traitor” rather than transport.In general, it is compatible with any electronic device with 5V micro USB input: Android phones, iPhone, sports cameras such as the Go Pro, tablet, iPad, Bluetooth speaker … 

Do Readme Before you buy a Power Bank !!


 And the disadvantages? Like any other product, external batteries also have their drawbacks:Have you ever considered if you need to buy a Power Bank? If you spend all day away from home or you frequently travel if it can be useful to carry a portable battery, but, if in your day to day, you see that you have enough battery in your mobile until you get home you can save yourself buying a gadget plus.On the other hand, a low-quality power bank can be dangerous and even explode due to a factory defect or a user’s misuse. It is advisable always to read the manufacturer’s instructions, look for specific brands in those products and flee from super price-priced offers.  

How to buy the best Power Bank according to your needs?

  The market is full of different types of power bank and brands. It is essential to know what brand and type are best for your needs and pocket. At bestpowerbankindia.com we recommend the following points to consider when choosing the most appropriate model: External batteries from Amazon, eBay, PC components, Media Markt … where to buy? Although there are many prestigious online stores, at  Best power banks india we recommend Amazon for its ease of purchase, quality of service and free shipping. Also, Amazon has a massive catalogue of external batteries of different brands, prices, sizes, capacities and features (USB C, fast charging, smart charging.) Later, we will leave you a list of those that we consider best. What are the best selling external batteries from Amazon?  Although we are not supporters of all the power bank shown here, they are the ones that have been purchased most times by users. This does not mean that the best sellers are always the best, but we’ll tell you if you want to consult more models. Concerning that list we agree on some models but, many other external batteries that we will recommend next, in our opinion, have better features and performance than those indicated in that Amazon list.  

List of the Best Power Bank Brands for Power Banks  🚩

To save you all this process of searching for a quality power bank and after having studied the market of portable batteries exhaustively, we have prepared our list with the seven models of the moment that you can find in Amazon in a wide range of prices, sizes, and capacities.

  • Mi Power Banks
  • Intex Power Banks
  • Lenovo Power Banks
  • Syska Power Banks
  • Ambrane Power Banks
  • Coolnut Power Banks

#1 MI Power Bank

  • Sleek and elegant form factor from Mi as usual. Looks classy
  • Mi  Powe Banks are Excellent product in this price range.
  • Mi Power Banks Comes with the metal body and the matte finish so looking handy and compact.
  • Exquisite design and battery back up also.

MI power Banks Detailed Reviews.

#2 Intex Power Banks

  • Intex Power Banks are Very Strong built
  • Intex Provide Value for Money with Excellent backup.
  • Most Power Bank comes with LED Touch
  • Intex Power Banks are ” Made in India”.
  • Slim and Sleek Design
  • Multiple USB ports

#3 Lenovo Power Banks

  • They are very power Efficient, but they are bulky too
  • They do multiple ports and Charging points
  • Lenovo Care is Available in major cities and a small town also.
  • Power Cord are of good quality but a bit short

#4 Syska Power Banks

  • Syska has never-ending series of power banks; they have more than 50 models available for power banks.
  • They are one of the best selling bank on Amazon, even after so many power bank models I still have not seen any 4-star rating  on any of their product
  • Complaints are prevalent for Syska power banks about the LED and data cable that come with the power bank in the box.
  • They do keep the charge for a long time and take time to charge.

#5 Ambrane Power Bank

  • Ambrane has the best Quality power banks I have never used. With the balance of weight and design with keeping the quality.
  • They have The Best price offered for a power bank.
  • Charging speed and design is really good for the price
  • Ambrane Power bank support fast Charging.

#6 Coolnut Power Banks

  • These power banks are Best for Premium Mobiles
  • They offer the best design and quality at a reasonable price.
  • Their looks do match with the premium Mobiles.
  • They offer Fast charging and multiple ports

 Power Banks Brands are not in any specific orders, I have taken many things in a notice like durability, After sale support repairable, Performance, Life, Looks in the note to decide the Best Power banks brands. Do let me know which power bank do you use?