Best Solar Charger for Mobile

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Today we are going to talk about the Best Solar Charger for Mobile at the moment.

Nowadays the mobile phone and other electronic devices accompany us everywhere and the usual thing is that they have to be charged daily, which means a significant energy expenditure.

However, there are cheaper and more sustainable methods that allow you to have your devices well charged with the battery without wasting light. If you are interested in this topic, continue reading, in this comparison, we will present you the best solar charger for mobile.

Last update: Jab, 2019
In this latest update, some products stand out again, capable of charging up to two devices at the same time and having other functions such as the flashlight.

The solar chargers for mobile are not too Big, so the amount of energy they can store is limited. Maybe they are not the best option to charge the phone daily, but they are handy to use as an emergency charger, especially if you are going to be outdoors.


Best Way to Choose Solar Chargers

power banks india
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Its operation is straightforward, first of all, you must charge the battery of your charger, for it will be enough to leave it in the sun for a while. Then connect your mobile, tablet, etc. to the solar charger via a USB cable and its battery will begin to charge with solar energy that has absorbed the charger.

On some models, the charger’s battery can also be recharged by connecting the device to the mains, which allows a much faster battery charge. In this way, take the charger to the top of the battery, and when you need to recharge your mobile, the only thing you have to do is connect it to the solar charger.

When using these devices, you should bear in mind that their small size makes them not too fast, so that your phone can take hours to recharge the battery. It is, therefore, more of an emergency charging system than a system of routine use to recharge small devices such as a mobile or a Go Pro INR 31,999.00.

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Despite their limited capabilities, these chargers can get you out of more than one hurry. That’s why we invite you to know the best solar charger for mobile.


Tips to keep in mind before buying a solar charger for mobile


Before launching yourself to buy one of these products it is convenient that you know precisely what Solar Power Banks are.

  • The solar charger is a small device that incorporates a photovoltaic solar the panel made with small boards that are composed of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon.
  • When you leave the charger in the sun, the photovoltaic solar panel absorbs energy and then can transmit that same energy to other devices. Usually, the connection between the mobile and the solar charger is made through a USB cable.
  • The solar charger is thinking as an emergency system to charge the mobile, just like portable batteries. Some models can even be connected to the electrical network to recharge all their energy and thus have the emergency charger ready for when it needs to be used.
  • One of the essential aspects of a device of this type is its size. The larger the charger, the higher the capacity to absorb energy, and therefore the phone can charge beforehand. However, if the device is too large, it can not be quickly moved from one place to another, and that ends with its usefulness.
  • What is essential to keep in mind is the capacity of the charger. The most common have between 10,000 and 20,000 mAh.
  • Another essential aspect is the type of devices that the charger can load. Usually, a large number of devices can be charged via a USB cable, but in the case of some laptops or Apple devices, the universal connectors are not valid. However, in many cases, you can buy and add specific connectors.
  • The design is also a matter to be assessed. There are for all tastes, from the most straightforward style to others in which more attention has been paid to aesthetics to make them more beautiful.
  • Finally, do not forget to take into account the ease of use. Although most of these devices are very easy to use, some models can be somewhat more complicated.

Now that you know more about this type of device, it is time to take a look at our comparative to know


The best solar charger for mobile phones: TOP 5

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5. Reliable Solar Power Bank with 20 led Light- Red with Dual USB Charger with 2A + 1A- 15000 mAh


  •  Built with efficient solar panels this external battery could absorb 23% of the solar energy to recharge the battery itself.
  • 5V 2A Micro USB Input: Except for solar power, you can also use the micro-USB input to charge this 15000mAh power pack
  • 2 Charge Device in the Same Time: 2.1A USB port for iPad or tablets and 1A USB ports for Smartphones or other devices; This battery can be charged two devices at the same time, support all digital electronic devices with 5V input

Solar power bank

Specifications and technical characteristics of the product


  • Solar charger of 15000 mAh, can be recharged by solar energy or by connecting it to the electricity grid. The manufacturer recommends making the first charge by plugging into a socket.
  • Compact and elegant design that allows up to two devices to be charged simultaneously. It has a 5V 2A Micro USB input, a 5V 2A USB output, and another 5V 2.1A USB output, making it compatible even with Apple devices.
  • The solar panel is a SunPower model capable of converting up to 13% of the energy received into solar energy.
  • The LED indicator indicates the amount of energy remaining in the device. Also, it can be used as a flashlight by pressing the ignition button for a long time.



  • Consumers who have tried this solar charger for the mobile stand out from it that it is a quality product and that it fulfils its function as an emergency battery when you are away from home.
  • The big LED lights are unique, and Light are ar of good intensity



The main criticism that this product receives is that it is a bit heavy. To be portable, as well as having a large capacity it takes too long to load fully when you put it in the sun.


4. d.Light S300 Solar Light and Mobile Charger 


This product is an excellent choice for you if you have an electrical problem in your area. These Solar Light have more than 24 hours of back up time. This  Product can be charged with Solar and AC both. These work great as alternate Light

solar led with charger

Specifications and technical characteristics of the product


  • This Device is Lightweight and has a mobile charging Ability. You can charge one device at a time.
  • Solar cell used in this device is very efficient, They offer around 20% efficiency with one full charge you can get Up to 100 hours of light
  • LED used in the invention is 10 x brighter than kerosene lanterns
  • The device comes with 4 Brightness settings so that you can adjust the brightness according to your need.



  • The device is solidly built so that it can hold its ground in the extreme condition.
  • This device uses Lithium Ferro phosphate (LFP) battery for Best performance.
  • These batteries have a life higher than 5years
  • This device can be charged with Solar and AC both.



  • The primary purpose of this device is to provide light for days. It won’t be enough to charge High-end device with this Device.


3. IFITech SLUSB11-408 Solar Foldable Charger (Black) 


  • Lightweight and easy to carry, essential products of outdoors. Conversion of  solar energy efficiency by up to 24%. Ideal for camping, hiking, and other  outdoor activities.
  • Automatic detection technology: Automatically corresponds to the maximum charge currently designed for your device, faster than up to 2 amps of direct
    sunlight, and therefore minimises charging time.

foldable solar charger

Specifications and technical characteristics of the product


  • The conversion efficiency of Foldable solar charger is between 21.5% and 23.5%. It has four hooks that allow to hook it in backpacks, trees, tents, etc. to facilitate loading.
  • It incorporates two panels capable of accumulating up to 11W, manufactured with Crystalline  WATERPROOF. The canvas is made of polyester. The charger can be without problem to the weather and even resists light rain and humidity of the fog.
  • Its recognition chip allows keeping the load stable and constant. If you lose contact with the light, the device stops being charged and reactivates when it comes into contact ( yes, the Device Does not contain its own battery ) with sunlight again, without damaging the mobile device that is charging. It can reach 2 amps in each port.
  • Includes USB cable for Android devices and DSLRs. For other devices, it is necessary to have an adapter cable. It has  one 2A port.
  • Its automatic detection technology provides the device with the maximum load planned for it, minimizing the charging time. It allows to load up to two devices at the same time.
  • The device folds easily and also has holes to hang it easily and make the most of sunlight.
  • It has a weight of 480 grams and folded its size is reduced by half, facilitating its transport.
  • The outer polyester cover helps keep the solar panels safe from moisture, dust, and shock.



This mobile charger stands out that offers good results when charging devices. The users also appreciate very positively the fact that it can be hung and that the polyester cover repels water, which facilitates its use
outdoors. Its the main positive feature is that it has a very good load level and users recommend this product when they are going to practice outdoor activities such as camping or trekking.



the weak point of this solar charger is that it only charges optimally if it receives direct sunlight, which on some occasions can hinder its use or make the charging procedure of the mobile last longer than it should.


2. IFITech Solar Charger, Portable 20000mAh Solar Power Bank


Solar charger for mobile with a capacity of 20000 mAh with a 2W solar paper. It can be charged in the sun or connected to the electricity grid. The  manufacturer recommends that the first charge be made with connection
to the electrical network to verify that the device charges all the energy for which it has the charger

Specifications and technical characteristics of the product


  • Powerful: the capacity of 20000mAh, with which you can charge your iPhone 5s (7 times), iPhone 6 / 6s (5 times), iPhone 6 / 6s plus (3 times).
  • The built-in solar panel, you can supplement more extra energy with the sun during the day, perfect for an excursion or camping.
  • 2 USB ports that allow charging two electronic devices at the same time.
  • LED light flashlight, perfect for when you are trying to find your way in
    the dark and the SOS LED mode serves to call for help in the emerging
  • This solar power bank has two USB ports through which you can load up to two electronic devices at once. It has Micro USB input, a USB 1A output, and another 2.1A.
  • Solar power bank is made of resistant materials that are also waterproof, which facilitates its use outdoors. It incorporates a carabiner to facilitate its attachment in backpacks, tents, etc.
  • Power bank has LED light can work as a flashlight and also has an SOS mode that can be used to call for help in emergency situations.



This product stands out that it allows loading the devices of fast form and that, in addition, is very resistant, what does it ideal to use it during the excursions and the trips.



The main drawback of this device is that if you have to charge it only in the sun i,t can take several days to fully complete its battery.


1. Solar Charger, Stoon 12000mAh Solar Power Bank


  • Solar charger with capacity for 12000 mAh, capable of converting up to 23% of the solar energy it receives into energy.
  • It has two USB outputs to charge two devices at the same time. It is compatible with both Android phones or tablets and with Apple products.
  • Its multiple security systems protect the devices against overload and overvoltage.
  • Itincorporates a LED flashlight with multiple positions ranging from moreintense light to dimmer light and even has an SOS signal for emergencysituations.
  • In addition to the solar panel, this device can be charged by connecting it to the power grid. What allows to recharge the battery in a much faster way.


Specifications and technical characteristics of the product


  • HIGH CAPACITY. 16000mAh, charge iPhone 6 for 4+ times, iPhone 7 3+ times, iPhone 7p for more than 2 times.
  • A DOUBLE USB PORT. It allows you to charge two devices at the same time, one for smartphone and others for iPad / tablets and other high-powered devices.
  • BUILT-IN SOLAR PANEL. It has a solar panel to transform sunlight into energy in urgent situations when you are outdoors. Generally, the product is charged by electronic.



The strong point of this device is that two mobiles can be charged at the same time without reducing the loading speed. The users also value positively that it has a carabiner and that allows to charge the solar battery while it is hanging in the backpack.



The users state that the solar charge may take several days to complete. Advantage.


So far our comparison. We hope you find it useful when choosing the best solar charger for mobile.

If you are going to use use A device of this type remembers that it can take a  long time to fully charge with solar energy. Therefore, it is best to choose a  model that can be charged with connection to the power grid. Charge it  completely before leaving home and then replace the energy that is  onsumed  with solar energy, so you will get more out of this device. To keep up to date  ith all our comparisons and news, we wait for you on our Facebook page follow us! You already know that your opinion is always important here, so do not hesitate to leave us your comments.

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