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Symphony Cloud Cooler That looks like AC

    Empty water tank alarm – Provides user convenience on tank water status. Auto Clean The auto clean function automatically drains unclean water & maintains the hygiene of the cooler. Electronic humidity control Prevents humid air to circulate in the surrounding area and maintains cool air flow. Remote Intelligent & handy remote of Cloud […]

Solar charger image

Mobile Phone that Runs with Solar Energy!

Solar Mobile Phone: The latest advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to manufacture flexible and low-cost solar cells. So much so that soon mobile phones, or cell phones, can be recharged with solar energy.


BEST Power Banks to use with iPad & Macbook

If you have an iPad or a MacBook, it is likely that more than once, That you have run out of juice. And it was not close to any place you can connect and charge. Then you use a Power Bank

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TOP 5 USB Type C Power Bank for Mobiles or Laptop

The USB type C , also called USB C or USB type C. It is the new generation of such capable of transmitting data at high speeds. USB Type C is destined to be the successor of the above examples (A and B). Type C is will be deprecated USB connectors when the new one is implemented in all types of mobile and desktop devices.


Anker Power Bank for Your Pocket: 5000mAH

This time we had the opportunity to try the Anker Power Bank A1108011 Phone Charger (Black) 5000mAh portable battery which is a light battery and will allow us to charge our cell phone in case your cell phone runs out of battery.