Points to Remember Before Buying Power Bank

When it comes to Buying Power Bank or selecting best power bank for you, most of the guys think battery capacity of power bank is everything. Yes, the capacity of a battery is a major factor, but it’s not everything.You should select a power bank with all valuable features with battery capacity. Here we have listed some points to remember before buying a power bank.Points to Remember Before Buying Power Bank[amazon_link asins=’B077RV8CCY,B077RV8CCZ,B01951R2S2,B00SAX9X6G,B01MU4PM6P,B015T0YLAA’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’pwrbnkin-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’5bbadc1c-ae1c-11e8-960e-93cdac50caca’]


5 Points to Consider While Selecting Best Power Bank

1. Battery Capacity:

It is one of the most important things which you should look at while comparing different power banks. The bigger it is better it will be. The high battery capacity of portable chargers gives you the freedom to use your mobile roughly without worrying about remaining battery in your phone.The ability of the battery measured in mAh. In today’s smartphone dominating world it should be at least 10000 mAh or near it, to quickly charge your phone at least three times after complete charge of power bank. It also gives you the flexibility to charge your power bank. You don’t need to charge after every use until its battery is down.

2. Portability:

It is the second most important thing to consider, but don’t know why most of the guys ignore it. Most of the times, you can’t use your power banks if it is not portable or easy to carry.While we are talking about portability, we mean its weight and its dimensions. You need to compare these while selecting the best power banks for mobile in India.

3. Number of Ports:

A number of USB ports give you the facility to charge the number of phones at a time. The higher you have the number of ports the more mobiles you can charge at a single time. If you carry more than one devices, It is necessary for you to take power bank with more than one USB ports. But if you travel alone and don’t have another gadget except for your smartphone then you can choose one USB port power bank. Because more USB ports increase its size and weight ultimately.

4. Power Bank’s Input Current and Output current

Nowadays, most of the power banks and smartphones have 2.1A input power capacity. Which means, it can charge quickly than who has 1.5A or 1.0A input. So, in simple words choose the power bank which has higher input and higher output.

5. Quality and Price

After selecting your power bank, you need to take a look at its price and quality. Is the price of the product justifies its quality? Or Is the quality of the power bank justifies its price? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying any power bank.[amazon_link asins=’B077RV8CCY,B077RV8CCZ,B01951R2S2,B00SAX9X6G,B01MU4PM6P,B015T0YLAA’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’pwrbnkin-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’5bbadc1c-ae1c-11e8-960e-93cdac50caca’]If you don’t want to enter into such complex comparison of dozens of power banks available in the market. Then you can also check our list of 7 best power banks available in India. This list is created on the basis of all these factors. If you still don’t know all the pros and cons of power bank, you can read our Review of Power banks where we explained everything you need to know about power banks.

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