Mobile Phone that Runs with Solar Energy!

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Solar Mobile Phone: The latest advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to manufacture flexible and low-cost solar cells. So much that soon mobile phones, or cell phones, can be recharged with solar energy while we are using them.

New Invention in Solar Power

According to MIT Technology Review. scientists from Konarka Technologies in Lowell, MA, have invented a new form of the solar cell with which they compose thin plastic strips of about 10 cm. By 5cm (similar to videotape) capable of converting light into electricity. By joining a few of these strips, you can generate power capable of operating a small fan.

Until now, solar energy has required expensive and complicated silicon panels. The significant advantage of this new technological advance is that the manufacture of this new kind of solar tape costs much less (less than half) and is much simpler. The manufacturing method is more like the process of a printing press than the traditional and highly complex process of producing solar energy.

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Solar Chargers, Do they really work?

The good idea is to use efficient and practical resources such as renewable energies, such as portable solar chargers. Solar Chargers logically, get charged by the abundant sunlight and allow us to keep the mobile phone charged using Solar Energy.

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Since the new cells weigh less and are more flexible. They can be introduced into all types of surfaces, including laptops and mobile phones. If solar cells were mixed with automotive paint, the sun could be used to recharge the car battery of the future. Hybrid cars, which would reduce, in turn, the amount of fuel consumed by these cars. In the long term, even this type of solar cells could cover entire buildings, supplying electric power to all its occupants.

It is still unknown if one-day solar cells will be efficient enough to compete with other energies such as nuclear, wind or coal. But the new type of solar cells means that for the first time such an objective is achievable. Time will tell if thanks to this further technological advance, solar energy ends up prevailing over current alternatives.

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