Fake Power Bank Scam – Informative Video About Fake Mobile Chargers

Fake Power Bank Scam – Informative Video regarding pretend Mobile Chargers Don’t fall victim to a power bank scam. Most sellers of power banks do offer a quality product that you just are going to be pleased with.However, there square measure some unethical dealers (as in any product), marketing power bank chargers that don’t seem to be up to the specifications in their advertisements.The following video from big Dive.com is a wonderful example of a ‘power bank scam’ that I found extremely informative.
The natural object of this mobile charger is great. That’s the nice half.The advert listing assured it had been a ‘Guaranteed 10600mAh capacity’. once you watch the video, you may see it’s clearly not in any respect and was created to seem the half and cater to the faux specification market.When buying a power bank, if you’re skeptical in any respect, confirm to upset an organization that gives a full money-back guarantee.

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