TOP 5 USB Type C Power Bank for Mobiles or Laptop

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Today, buying a power bank with USB C can be a good investment for the future, even more so, knowing that the USB Type C will be the standard of charge in a few years.

As you know, the USB Type C is fast becoming the standard for charging and connectivity between the latest phones launched on the market: Samsung Galaxy S9, Motorola Moto, LG, OnePlus all support USB-C charging.

But not only on mobile phones is this new connector, but also on laptops, Monitors and even video game consoles such as the recent Nintendo Switch.

Before introducing what we consider the best external batteries/ Power Banks with USB Type C, we want you to know a little more about the connector of the future:

  1. What is USB Type C? What advantages does it offer?
  2. Characteristics of a power bank with USB type C
  3. Best Power bank with USB C (February 2019)

What is USB Type C?

The USB type C , also called USB C or USB type C. It is the new generation of such capable of transmitting data at high speeds. USB Type C is destined to be the successor of the above examples (A and B). Type C is will be deprecated USB connectors when the new one is implemented in all types of mobile and desktop devices.

usb tipo a b y c 1

The USB standard versions are ordered by number and letter. In the case of numbers, we have version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and up to 3.1 whose latest version allows data to be transmitted at a higher speed.

As for the letter, it refers to the physical aspect of the connector, for example, until now we had in our mobile charging port USB micro of type B, while the USB port on any computer types A.

BENIFITS OF TYPE C (February 2019)
type c power bank

The most striking feature of USB Type C is that it is reversible, that is, it can connect with your device in any way.

Also, it is thinner than its predecessors. which makes it a perfect candidate for current and future equipment. It will allow the incorporation of a USB port in new mobile phones that are becoming thinner.


What advantages does USB TYPE C offer?

Apparently, advantage is not that the USB C is reversible. Linked to a USB 3.1 standard, it does change the speed. And is that this new type of USB offers a file transfer speed of 10 Gbps bidirectional. To make us a similar idea, USB 2.0 we use usually supports a maximum of 480 Mbps.

usb tipo c smartphone1

The USB 3.0 type B loaded in a range between 500mA and 2100mA, while the USB 3.1 Type C moves in a variety of up to 100W (20V / 5A). This means faster loading times and cables that work for both our laptop and our mobile.

Another advantage, or rather an objective would be to be in the maximum number of possible devices. Regardless of platforms and size, ending with the different steps that we have found in the USB family (mini, micro, regular).

Through USB type C, we can charge a laptop, but also connect external screens including 4K and 5K monitors and other peripherals, i.e. all in a single connector.


Characteristics of a power bank with USB type C

The advantage of the USB port type C, in addition to a much faster load, is that the USB port works for charging both input and output (Input / Output) and, for example, power banks such as Aukey of 5000 mAh (image on the left) bet only on this port:


Power Banks with USB Port C

Many other power banks, such as RAVPower’s 20100 mAh (image on the right), still include USB type A and micro USB type B ports because we are still in a “transition” stage and the vast majority of smartphones do not include this connector.

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Therefore, another detail to take into account when buying a power bank with USB C is to see if it consists of a USB cable type C, USB C to type A or an adapter for your smartphone.

Best Power bank with USB C (February 2019)
Now, we hope to have convinced you to bet on a power bank with USB type C as a portable battery to recharge your future devices with this port.

From the following list of recommended external batteries, most support Fast Charge 3.0 Quick Charge at the output port (some even at the entrance as well):

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