BEST Power Banks to use with iPad & Macbook

If you have an iPad or a MacBook, it is likely that more than once, That you have run out of juice. And it was not close to any place you can connect and charge. Then you use a Power Bank

Anker Power Bank for Your Pocket: 5000mAH


This time we had the opportunity to try the Anker Power Bank A1108011 Phone Charger (Black) 5000mAh portable battery which is a light battery and will allow us to charge our cell phone in case your cell phone runs out of battery.

Best Solar Charger for Mobile | How to choose

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Today we are going to talk about the Best Solar Charger for Mobile at the moment. Nowadays the mobile phone and other electronic devices accompany us everywhere, and the usual thing is that they have to be charged daily, which means a significant energy expenditure.